Quasar Package Guide: PART – B

Parent Topic : Quasar Package Guide GridNamingGenerator TransferLegend CustomDropDown HideUnHideElement LinkLevelGrid ElementSelector GetRoomSides AllElementOfWorkset Quasar Package Guide : PART – B GridNamingGenerator Rename horizontal(X) or vertical(Y) grid with startfrom (increment) value and reverse options.

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Create PDF Tools with PyPDF2

This post will show you how you can create a useful PDF File Editor with a few lines of simple codes by using Python and PyPDF2 python module. Before we start writing our program, a few things we need to set up first; Install python 3.x.x version and add your python path to system environment variables.…

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Local Weather Info

This time, we will create a webpage that shows local weather information. To follow this tutorial you will need a codepen account or any service that can build and deploy a webpage. (Or you can write this in your local text editor without publishing). For current weather information, you need to get weather data API.

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