Revit Views Export To Images

This post is about how Revit views can export as images by using IronPython in Revit Dynamo Application.

Firstly, import the necessary modules:

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Transfer Template Revit Add-Ins

Transfer Template Revit AddIns is a free application and helps you to transfer/copy only selected view templates from a Revit linked document file to the current document with a few simple clicks and compatible with all recently released Revit versions. (tested in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

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Room Tools Revit Add-Ins

Room Tools is a free Revit Add-Ins application which includes: 

  • Remove Redundant Rooms (to remove redundant rooms from the current document)
  • Center Room (relocate rooms location points to the center of the rooms)
  • Room Tag To Room (relocate rooms’ tags to the rooms location points) 
  • Create Views (create floor plan, ceiling plan, 3d view, and elevations for the rooms) ( include in version 2.0.0 )
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