Revit Massings By Rooms

This post is about creating Revit massings elements by given rooms elements with IronPython in Revit Dynamo Application.

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Line Styles Clean up

This post is about how you can clean up the unnecessary lines styles from the document by using IronPython in Revit Dynamo Application. And the idea is if the given keyword contains in line style’s name, the line style element will be removed from the document.

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Room Tools Revit Add-Ins

Room Tools is a free Revit Add-Ins application which includes: 

  • Remove Redundant Rooms (to remove redundant rooms from the current document)
  • Center Room (relocate rooms location points to the center of the rooms)
  • Room Tag To Room (relocate rooms’ tags to the rooms location points) 
  • Create Views (create floor plan, ceiling plan, 3d view, and elevations for the rooms) ( include in version 2.0.0 )
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