Space Tools Revit Add-Ins

Space Tools is a free Revit Add-Ins application which includes (if you have used Room Tools, this one is for Space) : 

  • Remove Redundant Spaces (to remove redundant spaces from the current document)
  • Center Space (relocate spaces location points to the center of the spaces)
  • Space Tag To Space (relocate spaces’ tags to the spaces location points) 
  • Create Views (create floor plan, ceiling plan, 3D view, and elevations for the spaces)
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Revit Add-Ins with WPF

This post is about how you can implement WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) form in Revit Add-Ins Command or Application. In this sample project we will be creating a simple Revit Add-Ins Command to display all the list of views from the current document in WPF Treeview (see figure 1.0) and I will be using Visual Studio 2017 and Revit 2019.

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