ElementSelector Pro is a free Autodesk® Revit® Add-Ins Application to Filter, Preview, and Select elements from an active view, a level, current selection or entire project by its category and a parameter value. And these additional useful features are included:

  • Category and Parameter are optional filters to make a selection.
  • Parameter Rule Filter support all parameter types.
  • Click to a preview item(ElementId) to zoom-in the associated element.


ElementSelector Pro – Demo

1. Select an item from the Selection Type dropdown (figure 1.0):

  • Active View
  • By Level 
  • Current Selection
  • Entire Project

   If the selection was “By Level”, another dropdown will display below to select a level (figure 1.1).

figure 1.0
figure 1.1

2. Select a category from the category dropdown which displays all the related categories from Selection Type value (figure 1.2).

figure 1.2

3. Select a parameter from the parameter name dropdown which displays all the related parameters from Category value (figure 1.3).

figure 1.3

4. Select a parameter filter rule. Just for info, there are two types of filter rules : (1) one for the string type (figure 1.4) and (2) another type for ElementId, Integer and Double (figure 1.5). For the second type some rule such as: contains, does not contains, begins with, ends with … will not be included at all.

figure 1.4
figure 1.5

5. Select a parameter value from the parameter value dropdown which displays all the related parameter value from the elements (figure 1.6).

figure 1.6

Click “Show” to preview the elements and click on preview display item(ElementId) to zoom-in the element. <OR> Click “Select” to close the dialog and get the filtered elements selection.

(Revit 2021 and Lower Versions) Autodesk App Store Download : https://apps.autodesk.com/RVT/en/Detail/Index?id=8786379510208969562&appLang=en&os=Win64

(Revit 2022 and Above Versions) Autodesk App Store Download : https://apps.autodesk.com/RVT/en/Detail/Index?id=3135807245446499953&appLang=en&os=Win64

Feel free to post your feedback/idea on the Autodesk App Store Review Section.

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