QuasarII Dynamo Package

QuasarII or Quasar2 Dynamo Package contains simple(usage), reliable(performance) and useful(productive) Nodes for your daily dynamo operation on Revit. View Extension included for utility tools to organize nodes and graphs. The latest QuasarII package built on Dynamo 2.5.0 & Revit 2021.

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Dockable Window in Revit Add-Ins Application

This post is about creating and implementing a custom Dockable Window in Revit® Add-Ins Application. So, what exactly is a Dockable Window? How to make like a ” Project Browser, Properties ….window” ? … Let’s explore this, I will be using Revit v2020 and Visual Studio v2017 for this sample project.

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Element Selector PRO Revit Add-Ins

ElementSelector Pro is a free Autodesk® Revit® Add-Ins Application to Filter, Preview, and Select elements from an active view, a level, current selection or entire project by its category and a parameter value. And these additional useful features are included:

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