Revit API : Schedule Creation

Welcome to the third tutorial of Revit API series, this post is to cover how to create a Revit Schedule including filter and sorting/grouping. For this, we gonna need to write an ExternalCommand Revit Add-Ins to create a Wall Schedule.

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Revit API : Extensible Storage (Schema)

Welcome to the second tutorial of Revit API series, this post is to cover a new interesting topic called Extensible Storage which allows you to create Schema data structures and attach to any Element in a Revit model. In this tutorial, we will write two ExternalCommand Revit Add-Ins, for creating and getting Schema.

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Dockable Window in Revit Add-Ins Application

This post is about creating and implementing a custom Dockable Window in Revit® Add-Ins Application. So, what exactly is a Dockable Window? How to make like a ” Project Browser, Properties ….window” ? … Let’s explore this, I will be using Revit v2020 and Visual Studio v2017 for this sample project.

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