Element Selector PRO Revit Add-Ins

ElementSelector Pro is a free Autodesk® Revit® Add-Ins Application to Filter, Preview, and Select elements from an active view, a level, current selection or entire project by its category and a parameter value. And these additional useful features are included:

Path of Travel and its Schedule

This post is about creating Path of Travel (a new feature introduced in 2020) and its travelled paths Schedule by using Revit Dynamo Application. To cover in a depth, post is presented into two sections: Creating Path of Travel and its Schedule with Dynamo OOTB nodes Creating Path of Travel with IronPython

Spatial Element Tools Revit Add-Ins : Space Tools

Space Tools is an Autodesk® Revit® Add-Ins tools to works with Space and Space Tags. Previously, it was released as stand-alone add-ins and now its under Spatial Element Tools. Space Tools includes the following commands: Remove Redundant Spaces (to remove redundant spaces from the current document) Center Space (relocate spaces location points to the center […]

Revit Add-Ins with WPF

This post is about how you can implement WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) form in Revit Add-Ins Command or Application. In this sample project we will be creating a simple Revit Add-Ins Command to display all the list of views from the current document in WPF Treeview (see figure 1.0) and I will be using Visual […]

Line Patterns Clean up

This post is about how you can clean up the unnecessary lines patterns from the document by using IronPython in Revit Dynamo Application. And the idea is if the given keyword contains in the line pattern’s name, the line pattern element will be removed from the document.