Spatial Element Tools Revit Add-Ins : Room Tools

Room Tools is an Autodesk® Revit® Add-Ins tools to works with Room and Room Tags. Previously, it was released as stand-alone add-ins and now its under Spatial Element Tools Revit® Add-Ins . Room Tools includes the following commands:

  • Remove Redundant Rooms (to remove redundant rooms from the current document)
  • Center Room (relocate rooms location points to the center of the rooms)
  • Room Tag To Room (relocate rooms’ tags to the rooms location points) 
  • Create Views (create floor plan, ceiling plan, 3d view, and elevations for the rooms)

Sample Usage

RoomTools Demo

Create Views Usage

Create Views tool is to generate plans, perspectives, and elevations from the rooms in the current document with a few simple steps.

First of all, select (Right Click or Shift Select for multi-selection) the rooms from the Listbox which display (“RoomNumber RoomName” )  all the placed room from the current document (see figure 1.0).

figure 1.0

After this, select the ViewType, ViewTypeFamilies and ViewTemplates for the views (see figure 1.1).

figure 1.1

View Scale value options show related to the current project unit, figure 1.1a shown METRIC unit and see figure 1.1b for IMPERIAL unit. View Crop Offset value unit is used millimeter(mm) for METRIC and feet(ft) for IMPERIAL.

figure 1.1a (METRIC UNIT)
figure 1.1b (IMPERIAL)

In the View Naming box, you can add Prefix, Suffix to your view name. The Infix/Middle is for  RoomName and RoomNumber with typeable spacing and if you want to omit RoomNumber or RoomNumber choose None from the dropdown list. And View Naming Preview is dynamically displaying the name of the views which are going to create. (see figure 1.2)

figure 1.2 – View Naming

One last thing is View Naming for Elevation views which are included additional suffix. (figure 1.4)

figure 1.4

Autodesk App Store Download :

Feel free to post your feedback/idea on the Autodesk App Store Review Section.


51 thoughts on “Spatial Element Tools Revit Add-Ins : Room Tools

  1. Hey, I was just wondering if this plugin would work with linked geometry.
    I created a Revit model containing only rooms as local geometry. Rest of room bounding geometry as walls, floors, roofs or ceiling are coming from linked files.
    I tried to create Dynamo script for re-centering rooms but I think it can not calculate position of geometry since it is in linked files and therefore can not compute and re-center rooms.
    Would your plugin work in this scenario?


    1. Hello, same problem.. on revit 2019 and 2020
      the plugin work if there is no room in the projetct, and not with rooms…


        1. hello,
          I do have same problem.
          on REVIT 2020,2021,2022 with new install of the latest plugin (Version 1.0.1, 5/14/2021).
          I have tried unistall/re-installed.
          It works if there is no rooms.
          Please give me some advice.
          Thank you


  2. Hi,
    I am using Revit 2020 and have tried your create views tool for rooms and have found that if I want to use the linked Architect Room and click on your tool it shows non of the rooms i have selected, the checkbox for the linked revit model to be room bounding is checked.
    also a nice feature for your tool would be to have it also create a sheet with the views placed to speed up creating multiple room data sheets.


    1. Hi Robin, this is only for the rooms that exist in the current document. And of course, creating sheets would be amazing. Let’s see … what new tools will include in the upcoming version 😉


  3. Hallo!
    Love how this program (and the others) is done only one problem for me, I am a MEP engineer and we only have spaces and not rooms, is it possible to have a choice in the program for looking for spaces instead of rooms.
    / Anders Tengbom, Sweden

    Liked by 1 person

  4. HI,

    I’m using this pluggin with Revtit 2017 and it works awsome, but when I try it for Revit 2019 it crash, I hope it will be solved soon.


    1. Hi C.R, for the info,
      We (me & Autodesk App Store Dev Team) carefully tested and audited on Revit 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 versions. I suggest, you check the app installation process again and just make sure you downloaded the latest version of the app.


  5. Hi, i´m unable to create elevations from the rooms, any idea on how to solve it, by the way, Great app thanks for developing it.


    1. Hi Luis, just make sure you have the latest version of the app, the correct Elevation Family Type and Rooms properties … such as height, offset, level , location … etc;


  6. Can you send me a link for the 2017 version please? I have the 2019 version but as its been removed from the store I am unable to access it.


    1. Hi Rachel, the app is temporarily unavailable on the app store, sorry for the inconvenience. Do you still have the app installer? It works for v2017 as well.


    1. Hi Mark, the app has done updating and going to submit the App Store for reviewing & publishing process. This process may takes 1 to 3 weeks … Once, it’s published, will let you know. Thanks.


  7. Nice work with this tool. Would it be possible to add an option for room floor plan views to be created with the crop region following the room boundary also with the offset option?. This would be ideal for non rectangular rooms.


      1. Thanks, I tried it in 2018 REVIT and with zero offset it creates a rectangular crop region. I meant when the room is L shaped for the crop region also to be L shaped e.g. following the exact boundary of the room regardless of shape. If it could also have the offset functionality, even better.


          1. Thanks Min for a great tool. I look forward seeing what other tools you come up with. regards Robin.


  8. When using the Spatial Element Tools, trying to generate views for rooms leads to a System.NullReferenceException complaining about somethig in SpatialElementTools.RoomCreateView.RoomToListbox…
    This error does not occur, if no room-object exists in the model.
    Are there any requirements for the room-objects, that have to be complied?


  9. Hi,

    First, great tool. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.

    Second, while I don’t like the idea of asking you to do even more work, I agree with the above comment that the crop boundary following the shape of complex rooms would be really useful. In adition, I’ve noticed that the view naming isn’t working for floor plans. They come out as ground floor (2), ground floor(2), etc…, but in the dialog box the naming is correct.


    1. Hi Graham,
      Thanks my pleasure 😉 … Naming errors happened because you already have named/used that particular name for one of your floorplan view. Revit won’t allowed you to have the same view name on a view type… Cheers!


  10. Hello,

    Just started doing some testing with the app. So far so good. Thanks for putting out great content. I’m curious on a few items. Can you allow for a View Template to be applied to all of the newly created views? Is there a way to set the default “A, B, C, D” to a custom text? Thinking north, east, south, west. Lastly, the first elevation is created plan left, top, right, bottom of the elevation marker. Can that be adjusted to start at the top, right, bottom, left?


    1. Hi Nate,
      Yes, of course, View Templates, custom Elevation naming … frankly speaking, i omitted those intentionally. Because I don’t want user to set up so many setting and i want user-interface to as clean & simple as possible. But the good news is : i will add some additional features for the next 2022 compatible release. So, let’s see what come next … Cheers!


  11. Awesome tool. One of the wings of my building is at an angle and when I try to create the elevations, the markers are not parallel to the walls, but oriented plan north-south east-west. Is there a workaround for that? I tried rotating the view crop in a working view, but the markers are still not parallel to the walls. I can rotate individual markers, so it’s not a big deal, but wondering if you have a better way.


    1. Hi Alberto, thanks. So far marker may not be follow the room orientation. Yes, the AddIns should have implement some functionality for these ..


  12. Hi,

    Fantastic tool, it works really well.

    An added piece of functionality which would be amazing would be the ability to manually specify an angle from project north (with a text box or something similar) before creating the views that could be factored in to correct for rooms at an angle from project north. That would allow users to create views for rooms which are at an angle (like in a wing of a building that’s angled at 30 degrees from the rest of the building) with the views still being parallel to the walls of the room. Currently, they’re always orthogonal to project north.

    Thanks for making such a useful tool.


  13. hi!
    i feel a bit disappointed, as i can’t get my copy working properly in my case.
    Are you planning a hotfix soon?
    Thanks in advance!!!! =)


      1. Hi!
        Center room and create view (also in spaces) are not working in my RVT 2020.
        Have you got any bug feedback in this version?
        thanks in advance!!


  14. Hi TwentyTwo team! First of all, great plug-in! I came across this issue with Room Tools to create Elevation Views. I can choose View Types, but not View Templates. The tool displays nothing from the drop-down menu. And if I proceed without choosing a view template, the tool will crash. Any suggestion to work around this? Thanks!


      1. There are existing Elevation View templates in my .rte file. Would it only interact with interior elevation instead of building elevation?


  15. Hi, Is there any solution yet for creating room views from linked models? Currently our office works with 2 models, 1 being the Architectural and the other being the Cabinetry model. In this case the Arch model has the rooms which are then linked into the cabinetry model where the elevations are created. It would be great if the twenty two add in allowed you to select rooms from linked models, is there any chance of this happening soon?


  16. Hi, currently facing an issue in revit 2022. When creating views via rooms revit generated the followed dialogue “Revit could not complete the external command. Contact the provider for assistance. Information they provided to Revit about their identity: twentytwo,”. Any workaround?


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